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Cool Tin Tile Backsplash

Bring a Warm and Rich Design Tin Tile Backsplash

Give the kitchen back wall a custom and unusual design using tiles and tin tiles that look like tin. Thanks to the textured surface, these tiles hide dirt and grime. Tin tile backsplash are made in a wide range of models, designs and colors to match any kitchen palette. Some tin-look tiles are made of composite material, making them resistant to heat. Bring in a warm and rich design to the back wall of the kitchen using the copper-colored tin.

Use the copper-colored tin tile backsplash along the entire kitchen to create a bold design. Copper colors against maple cabinets give heat to a kitchen space. They also contrast with dark cabinets like mahogany or lighter white beadboard cabinets. Stainless steel and black appliances stand out on a back wall of the copper-colored tin. Copper-colored tin tiles hide dirt in a kitchen and can be cleaned with a mixture of detergent and water.

Create a focal point to the kitchen by installing silver-colored tin behind the stove. Silver-colored tiles and tin-tin look are mixed with stainless steel appliances, while in contrast to wood and ceramic floors. To create the design, install the tiles behind the stove and the surrounding cabinets. If the stove is on one of the kitchen walls, use the back wall of the silver-colored tin tile backsplash on that particular wall.

Shower Black Tile Bathroom

Yellow and Black Tile Bathroom Ideas

Black tile bathroom – Using yellow and black tiles in a bathroom creates a bold and energetic statement. The warmth and occasional character of yellow couples well with and complement the sophisticated sharp nature black. While black is romantic and lightning, yellow is anything but; together, they beat a perfect balance and fit a variety of decorating styles. From sophisticated style minimalist city life, you are only limited by your imagination.

Small space Platform

A small bathroom often cannot be made bigger, so instead work with what you have. For a small bathroom, paint the walls in semi-shiny black color and keep the ceiling white, which will add volume to the space. To improve and brighten the room, add a strip of yellow high gloss porcelain black tile bathroom behind the sink going up to the ceiling. This reflects light and contrast well with black color, soothing its drama but retaining its elegance. If you want more tiles in your space, you can also tile the floor 3-inch with 3-inch alternating boxes of yellow and black tiles. Change the colors with white for balance.

Playing with Contrast

Play with the contrast through black tile bathroom a wall all in yellow subway (brick-like) tiles and then balance it through the tile floor 12-inch with 12-inch black marble tile. Continue this tile inside the shower by switching the yellow subway tile onto a wall with black subway tile on another. If the shower is part of the bathtub, use a crisp white shower curtain for a very clean look. A simple knotty style floor mat in bright white would stand out well against the black floor.