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Entryway Wall Decor at Target

Ideas for the Entryway Wall Decor and the Complement

Entryway Wall Decor – As the name says, the entrance or hall is the place where you receive your guests. The first impression they will take from your home. That’s why it’s important to know what you want to convey. What your entry says about your house will set a trend. So, you have to be consistent with the rest of the home (or at least the adjoining room, which is often the living room). In addition, it is important to get a cozy and warm atmosphere, a place that says: welcome, feel like in your own home. All this in a space that is not always a comfortable place in itself. Many times, the entrance loses meters in favor of other rooms, and becomes a mere point of union of rooms, a narrow corridor, or a dark space that does not invite us to elaborate with the decoration. Then, how do we do it? Here are some keys to designing our entryway wall decor.

The entrance is a great place to put wallpaper. It brings a touch of color and because it is a small space, you can play with the strident colors, without fear that we become saturated. Choosing the wallpaper for the entrance, however, can become more complicated than it initially seems: There is so much to choose from! In order not to go crazy, it is best to be clear how the rest of the decoration will go. And in this way limit our search. If we have clear the style and color of the furniture, that will give us the key to know which wallpaper is perfect for our entryway wall decor.

The entrance hall has always been a perfect piece of furniture to put on ornaments. It is an ideal exhibitor for those objects to which we have special affection. And that we want to show off our guests. This is the case of antiques: antique clocks, telephones and a classic that can never be missed: the typewriter. If, although very old, the ink still works, you can place a folio and encourage your guests to leave messages. This way you will have a charming guestbook. In this input, in addition to the typewriter, the floor also brings a special character. Geometric tiles in gray tones. That marry very well with the metallic color of the old objects. It will be a perfect choice to mix the great entryway wall decor.

French Country Kitchen Decor

Good Idea French Country Kitchen Decor

French country kitchen decor style will give your kitchen a relaxed atmosphere and appearance. Country style ranges from sophisticated to sweet and simple. Tuscan and French country styles are reminiscent of rolling fields, century-old farmhouses, charming cafes and winding brick paths. Vintage country style covers antique elements and farm-inspired touches. Choose a decorating color palette and theme that covers all or some of these qualities for a fresh style.

Painting the walls of the kitchen a warm and welcoming shade. Choose a shade like honey, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon or paprika to set the background for a design style inspired by the countryside. If you have dark wood furniture and cabinets, choose a lighter shade; a clear wood, like oak, blends well with the richest paintings. Place curtains inspired by the countryside. Choose a lightweight fabric, such as cotton, which will allow diffused sunlight to transmit in your kitchen. Look for country style patterns, such as cheap cotton and paisley. Tobacco-patterned curtains will infuse your French country kitchen decor style. Look for vintage window covers that offer apple or cherry lovely designs.

Decorate with fresh farm elements. Fill a vintage glass vase with freshly cut daisies as a vibrant centerpiece. Terracotta display plant pots filled with culinary herbs, such as thyme and rosemary on your counter. Wrap vivid green vines on top of an old baker’s shelf. Hang a plant above the sink for French country kitchen decor.